Tuesday, 7 April 2015

SMS Google Search

I live in a place where data plans are still extremely limited and overpriced. Over the years I've learned to make do with a basic phone plan which I mainly use to send text messages with. But there are times when I'm lost on the road and have no choice but to find a local coffee shop with WiFi just so I can Google an address or number. That is, until I had this idea – what if I could simply Google search with a text message?

The implementation is simple. All we need is one Twitter account linked to our mobile phone so that we can tweet out a search query through SMS, and another Twitter account, controlled by a server application, that listens to the SMS tweets from our phone and tweets out the search results. As long as the Twitter account linked to our phone accepts SMS notifications from the Twitter account controlled by the server, then all search results will be returned to our phone as an SMS.

I've written a step-by-step over at Instructables which explains the steps necessary to obtain all development keys to use both the Twitter API and Google Custom Search API to build this service. All sample source code is included as well.

Click here to continue reading on Instructables >>

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