Monday, 9 November 2015

Guitar - Sia Mashup (Titanium, Elastic Heart, Chandelier)

I discovered that mashing up songs really doesn't come easy for me. Here's my attempt at arranging a medley of Sia Furler's hit pop songs and the songs I used in it were Wild Ones, Titanium, Elastic Heart, Chandelier, and Big Girls Cry.

I personally felt that the arrangement lacked direction and dynamics. It felt like a really long commute with not much excitement. But anyway, I had to see it to the end even though these doubts only worsened as I progressed through the arrangements of each individual section of the song. That was probably precisely the problem - I treated the entire arrangement as "sections" of different songs rather than melding the all the songs together into a new whole.

Even though there was so much I could've done better with it, I decided to publish it as is and move on. At least I can always look back at this work to see what didn't work out well when I'm in doubt in the future.