Monday, 6 October 2014

Samsung SyncMaster Monitor Repair

How to service a Samsung Monitor.

This is a fix for the common blinking/flicker problem for Samsung SyncMaster (206, 223, 226 BW) monitors.

A monitor with this problem will blink a few times then start as normal. This symptom progressively gets worse until it eventually fails to start up at all.

A video demonstrating the early blinking symptoms can be seen here:

The cause for this problem is usually faulty capacitors in the power module.

I ordered my new capacitors from (35 cents USD a piece).
For the SyncMaster 206BW model, the 1000uF 25V capacitors are likely the defective ones (there are two of them).

You will have to open the monitor and check (look for bulging capacitors in the power supply module) to be sure.

Other models that have the same problem:
SyncMaster 223BW
SyncMaster 226BW

This page lists the capacitors for each of the above models:

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